De-Oiled Rice Bran

De-Oiled Rice Bran (special quality and fair average quality) are used for the ingredients of poultry and cattle feed manufacturing. De-oiled rice bran (nice quality) is also used for poultry, cattle feed manufacturing and pig feed manufacturing and manure.

After crude oil has been extracted from Rice Bran, De-Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) is obtained. DORB is widely used in manufacture of:
(i) Cattle Feed
(ii) Fish Feed
(iii) Dog Feed
(iv) Chicken Feed
(v) Horse Feed

RSPL believes in giving the best quality of product. The DORB offered is of best quality made using the good quality Raw Material with NO compromise. The product is delivered in packing of HDPE/PP or Jute/Gunny Bags as per the requirement of the customer.

Main Contents of De-Oiled Rice Bran :

i) Protein - Upto 17%
ii) Fibre - Upto 11%
iii) Moisture - Upto 11%
iv) Sand & Silica- Upto 3%